Dganit Hen – Jewelry Design

"I feel that through my jewelry I can touch the endless beauty that surrounds us, allowing every woman to wear a bit of this infinity beauty with each piece of jewelry".


Creative features:
Every piece of jewelry is hand-made. They combine Silver and Gold and precious stones. Silvery undergoes a special processing for acquiring a raw and natural look. The precious stones which are originally brought from various locations around the world look like a multicolored rainbow, while the Gold combination resembles the easy touch of a paintbrush.

The jewelry manufactured with great precision concerning their unique design and finishing aspect.

The company employs a number of jewel goldsmiths. I create and work in Cochav Yair, Israel.

General Background:
Dganit Hen designs and manufactures jewelry for 25 years now.

Dganit belongs to a vast family where many of its members are talented artists and they were a source of encouragement for her creative and artistic expression.

She lived her childhood and adolescence surrounded by scenic views of the Upper Galilee, Israel. These landscapes accompanied her during her maturity, in such a way that they combined her love for art and creativity. This combination is reflected and becomes evident in her present works.




Marketing and prime customers
Twice a year, I exhibit a new and assorted collection. My catalog includes over 450 active items.

Most of the production is committed to foreign buyers / wholesalers abroad in countries like: Australia (since 2003), Germany (2001), England (2009), Netherland (2012), Canada (2006),  U.S.A – CA (2003), NJ (2012), AZ (2012), MA (2012), MD (2010), NY (2014), CT (2015), PA (2015), AR (2016), NH (2016), IL (2016), FL (2017), GA (2017), CO (2014), TX (2016), OH (2019)

Likewise, my jewelry exhibits and sells at selected galleries throughout Israel.

(Exhibiting in shows (Coming

NY NOW Show (New York Gift Show), New York, Aug 2019

URJ Craft Show, Chicago , IL, Dec 2019

Judaica Craft Show, White Plains, NY, Dec 2019

(Exhibiting in shows (Past

NY NOW Show (New York Gift Show), New York, Feb 2019

NY NOW Show (New York Gift Show), New York, Feb 2015 – Aug 2018

Moriah Congregation's 11th All-Judaic Art & Jewelry Fair, Chicago, IL, Feb 2016, Feb 2018

All- Judaic & Israeli Art & Jewelry Festival, Denver, CO, Mar. 2016, Mar 2018

Judaica Craft Show, White Plains, NY, Dec 2017, Dec 2018

JIS show, Miami, FL, April 2017

URJ Craft Show, Boston, MA, Dec 2017

(Reed Gift Fairs in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, since 2008 (Rep

(Harrogate Christmas & Gift, Harrogate, UK, since 2009 (Rep

(The Jewelry Show, Birmingham, UK, since 2009 (Rep

Education and training
Art graduate, at the Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee (1986).

Jewelry Design and Smithing graduate, at the "Inbar" College of Arts in Haifa (1990).

TEL: +972-9-7496262          Cell: +972-52-3512265         Fax: +972-9-7494734